Traditionally one step ahead

Innovative in design, production and product quality.

На вершине мирового рынка кусторезов, кормоуборочных комбайнов и вилочных погрузчиков

Инновационный дизайн, производство и качество продукции.

The best after-sales service

Because the customer and his needs are at the center of our business process

Hydraulic reach mowers, mulchers, hydraulic fork lifts, construction-excavators

Innovative in design, production and product quality.

mulchers, hydraulic reach mowers, construction-excavators and lifting platforms

Having reached one of the top positions in today’s market of hydraulic booms, shredders (flails mowers), fork lifts and self propelled fruit harveresters, it is because we believe that the research and the innovation is the way to follow.

Everything here in Orsi is intentional and designed to contribute to a precise result: to improve day-by-day quality of our products and the work they perform, in collaboration with users.

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